21 Aprile 2024
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The Kitchen

In the appetizers, the anchovies play the leading role: raw, fried under salt, they are just some of the possible variations, to then arrive at refinements such as "Fried stuffed" or "Rolled in radicchio leaf with tomato filling", to be able to taste this "poor" fish that poor however is not at least in taste.

The pasta is treated with particular attention and is perhaps the crown jewel of the "Menu". Based essentially on fresh pasta, they are prepared only on demand, starting every time from empty pans. The spaghetti "Bruno" made with seafood have now reached the top in the preferences of the restaurant's frequenters.

The curry rice with shrimps, has no rivals, and fills with enthusiasm the tables it reaches. Trofie and lasagna are also prepared with great care and always starting from zero, to offer a unique taste.

The fish dishes are the main course of the menu and are accompanied by the best wines of the region.

Seconds manage to reconcile the freshness of the fish with the simplicity of the cooking. Fish in salt crust, salt scampi, mixed grilled, incredible Catalan crustaceans, make good company with giant dishes of "raw". In the simplicity of his kitchen the cook does not disagree with the soups of the "small fish" or the fried of the beam, all always thought of simplicity and genuineness.

There are many desserts, but we are particularly proud when they are set up, with sets worthy of the greatest names, the trays of fresh fruit, which are always the best accompaniment to our food, as well as the now famous strawberries cooked in a pan served with handmade custard ice cream.

The wine list is designed for those who want to taste local wines, or excellent Italian wines, ideal to accompany our dishes. There are whites as well as reds that harmonize perfectly with the taste of fish and tomato.

The strength of Belforte's cuisine is the simplicity of the tastes in all its manifestations. We are waiting for you on our characteristic terraces to taste our dishes in front of an enchanting and incomparable view…

"The pleasure of true culinary art framed in a unique atmosphere."

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