27 Settembre 2023
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The Belforte restaurant was born about 50 years ago.

Always managed by local families, it was renowned for its incredible position overlooking the sea and for its typical cuisine, made from local products and the most famous Ligurian recipes.

In the 70s and 80s it became a destination for theater artists as well as well-known painters and singers, earning the reputation of a meeting place almost obligatory for cultural meetings and moonlit dinners. Thus, the culture of eating is intertwined with that of art for the pleasure of those who manage it and the people who came from outside to frequent the terraces of the medieval watchtower.

The restaurant then knows less happy moments, when a generational change takes the public away from the Cinque Terre and Vernazza.

Coinciding with the interest of a far-sighted industrialist of the Pratese fabric, the arrival of perhaps the most histrionic cook who has ever cooked in one of the five famous Ligurian towns at the Belforte.

Thus, the old flavors of the Ligurian gardens, made only of simple things well put together, return the taste of fish caught in the morning by the fisherman, in the sea facing the rocks of Vernazza, returns the pleasure of cooking for others, because they feel good.

The locals are refreshed, embellished, the atmosphere that was a little lost is recreated, the customer becomes the protagonist of the work and everything is done for his satisfaction.

The specialties of the Belforte are essentially based on fish.

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